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In 2015 a new Danish digital award puts spotlight on the advertiser’s effort

If you’ve got the feeling that the world does not need more advertising awards, take a closer look at the new Danish Digital Award that will run for the first time in the spring of 2015. Backed up by The Danish Advertiser Association it presents an ambition to recognize advertisers persistent digital efforts rather than just clever and beautiful creative word done by agencies.

Just by glancing through the categories and the jury, you immediately realize the difference to a lot of other advertising awards. This is heavy stuff – in fact it seems to be the opposite of awarding so-called creative ’One-off’s’ however brilliant or effective these might be.

”It will be a company and it’s partners – not a short term campaign – that will take home prizes in the categories”, says Kim Jong Andersen, Jury chairman of Danish Digital Award. ”And the case may go years back, as long as there are activities still live in the air”.

Entries can be sent in from February 2015

The awards will be presented in two groups:

  1. Best IN – 16 company categories
  2. Best AT – 9 personal/team oriented categories for outstanding work

The details for entries will be presented at the award website in the beginning of 2015. But even though these details are still in the making the headlines are ok for a sneak preview, if you want to prepare your participation.




Who enables users best and make them contribute and share content? Who dares most in relation to conversation with users openly and honestly? Who has built the most vibrant, conversing and exchanging community? Who manages to make the users themselves to the focal point? In short, who is best at creating engagement and invite dialogue?


Who manages best to create content that repeatedly make users talk about it, share it and even participate in the co-creation of it? Who can create clarity across all the content they publish, which means that the brand still made crystal clear? In short, who create the content that gives users the most value?


Who gives customers / citizens a consistent excellent experience in relation to both meet the projected needs and still being able to deliver a positive surprise? Who manages to give customers good reasons to come back? Who delivers the most immaculate customer service? In short, who can provide such good experiences in dealing with the brand online that customers also would talk about it at the dinner table?


Who have used new technology to transform the business and the organization both internally and externally? Who has proved to make users change their behaviour and adopt new technology? Who has the courage to implement new technology that has made interaction with the product, service or organization easier, faster or better? In short, who have used the new technology to create the most positive changes in the way the company or organization interacts with its users?


Who has used digital platforms, technologies and communication most effectively to overall change and strengthen the company’s way of doing business? Who has best succeeded in integrating the digital work in the company’s business and organization, so in the future it will be unthinkable to do without the digital efforts? In short, who has made the digital efforts for a business critical action that will ensure the company or organization a greater share of the future?


Who has managed to make the digital work a fully integrated part of the company’s communications activities? Who shows time and again that they can run digital promotions where the campaigns are pendant to the traditional communication? In short, who has best utilized the digital work to give campaigns a bigger hook to the business through greater user involvement?


Who has been most helpful and resourceful in providing tools that make everyday life a little easier, less cumbersome and more comfortable? Who offers tools that give users the best overview, more self-awareness or motivation? In short, who is best to deliver the tools that you would find it hard to imagine a world without once you’ve used them?


Who has been most successful in creating digital brand universes, not just visible but positions the brand and allows users to be active co-creators of the brand’s presence? Who created the brands on digital platforms where the experience is a direct extension of the brand’s ability to live up to its promise? In short, who is best to bring to life their brands online to a degree, so users even seek them out?


Who has been able to significantly change the behaviour of users through the digital work? Change competition? Changing the rules in relation to what is now required in relation to achieving a strong market position? Who has accelerated both the organization’s digital maturity – and perhaps changed an entire industry forever. In short, who have used digital opportunities to challenge the competition and set new standards in their industry?


Who has shown the ability to create videos that are both originally produced and directed? Where the format and story fit and is built to the digital platform used – and where the audience will have a different digital experience they might otherwise have to look far for the TV? Who is best at operating with longer formats and more productions without compromising quality? In short, who contributes most to create both worth seeing, shareable and original videos?


Who always have their fingers on the pulse of their followers? Who is best to communicate, curate and disseminate content and trends? Who manages to provoke discussion and get users to take the debate with them on? Who delivers most real new knowledge and original angles? In short, who is best to blog about the issues that concern their consequences crowd and get them to come back for more?


Who has had the greatest courage and willingness to develop and release new digital products, platforms or services that could potentially make a big difference for users? Who has not been afraid to send an interesting pilot or a new service in beta to test the functionality and user interests? Who has constantly devoted resources to innovate in the digital field and enter the new site? In short, who does not hesitate to invest in the future today?


Who has the most efficient and welcoming presence across all channels and platforms? Who understands best to create the seamless experience from platform to platform, from channel to channel? Who can always meet the user, where the user is? Who is able to adapt its content and features to each constituent touch points – and even get them to play together so that they reinforce each other? In short, who is best at understanding how to give the user a consistent experience at every touchpoint?


Who has best succeeded in using CRM or CMS systems or other software as a competitive advantage for a company or organization? Who gave themselves the best playground when it comes to systems flexibility, scalability and functionality? Who uses the best data, content and functionalities and who is able to be agile enough to benefit from the systems many features? In short, who operate their systems so that they actually have obtained a competitive advantage?


Who created the most interesting gaming experiences where users not only play once but coming back over and over? Who has been able to make the experience for a social event? Who has been the best to produce games that are not just based on the same rules but has created new ways to play? Who has been able to add new dimensions to their business by using game techniques? In short, who makes us forget about time and place while we are sucked into a game, we cannot escape?


Who have proven that they are the best at collecting, analysing and using data? Who has the most accurate tracking, monitoring and most integrated analytics set-up for the rest of the business? Who can make digital data vibrant and results dissemination just to the rest of the company, not least the management? In short, who is best at doing business smarter and most able to act on the information collected?



On the basis of these heavy and work intensive categories, there will be awarded prizes to persons or teams that have delivered outstanding work and results in these ‘Best at’ categories.

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Want to know more?

As appointed media partner MARKET in the future will cover the professional perspectives and cover the marketing angles. But if you can also keep yourself updated upon the award on Danish Digital Award on Facebook og Twitter.

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