How companies can nudge customer to change behavior

Part 4 of 5: What is your best advice to companies that will nudge customers to change behavior? Pelle Guldborg Hansen, a behavioral researcher and the Chief Executive at iNudgeyou, shares his knowlegde and experiences on nudging in marketing. Learn about:
  • How to use nudging to get consumer satisfaction
  • How to use nudging in your company
  • How to use nudging, so it fits to your situation and your customers' behavior
  • Research and science within nudging
  • The potential in techological development
  • The challenge of the highly mobile market
''The best advice is to think all of the general advices has been taken - now you have to go in to the more specific advice about how yor customers actually react regards to your product in your situation.'' - Pelle Guldborg. Learn more about the huge potential of nudging in the next video.

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