Branding matters more than ever

The digitalisation of the buying process and customer experience has fundamentally changed how companies see their brand. Some pundits state that brands are now formed and owned by customers. Some even believe that branding is put to rest by the complete transparency of the digital age. I disagree. I believe that articulating and ‘living the brand’ is as important as it has always been.

Becoming and maintaining brand equity has become more challenging as the customer experience and channel landscape continues to atomise. But strong brands still perform. They deliver superior financial returns, charge a price premium and have a higher probability of purchase – also on digital channels.

Why branding matters more than ever?

10 years ago many reduced it to nothing more than big billboards with flashing visuals for the airport. But there has been much water under the bridge since, and changing customer behaviour and other forces has challenged this mind-set and reigniting the need to have a strong brand story.

Here are some pointers to remember:

1. The rise of the empowered customer

Due to digitalisation, traditional one-way corporate communication channels are losing credibility. Now people seek out third party

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