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#65 Big Data

Big Data – not only for big companies

AGENDA 1. WHAT IS BIG DATA Bringing data together and acting on them is what big data is all about. 2. THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE How you exploit Big Data to deliver true value to your customers. 3. WORLD IS COLLIDING Things that use to be separate in the organisation are now coming...


Big Data – what it is and why it does matter

AGENDA 1. How big is Big Data? Emerging new ways of doing things, of living really,  are today generating data that has been loosely classified as “Big Data”. But how do we quantify Big Data? 2. Why Big Data matters Big Data matters not only because of the technological challenges it imposes – and it will often be the intangible effects that will transform the way we work and live. In essence, Big Data matters because it captures not only things but also individuals’ behaviour and thoughts at a very fine level of granularity in near real-time! 3. Big Data strategy –  a few prerequisites to get started Map out and proritize your  use case(s) What are your capabilities? What are you willing to...


Big Data and the future

AGENDA 1. The three V’s Big Data is defined by the three V’s: Volume – increase in amount of data, velocity – increase in speed and variety – increase in range of data and sources. The output of data will therefore increase faster than the ability to interpret them. 2. Trust is central Institutions and companies have to be transparent in what personal information is used for and NEVER try to cheat: it will come out sooner or later. Trust takes time to build but can vanish in a second! 3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Big Data is – like most new technologies – a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde phenomenon. Director Emeritus Johan Peter Paludan concludes this presentation by showing how collecting data can be used both in good and bad...


Look around – Big Data is everywhere

AGENDA 1.    What is Big Data? Big Data is everywhere – Market signals, sensors, social media content, e-mails, video content and click streams. 2.    Why should we care? Growth and welfare comes through technology, data and people. Use Big Data to get to know your customer and be more relevant. 3.    How do we get startet? Big Data is out there. Open your eyes, identify, collect and visualize and gain the competitive...


Big Data in the healthcare and biology

AGENDA 1. Industrialization of data generation in biology and medicine Massive growth on biological data and databases. 2. Systems level analysis in biology, chemical biology and medicine Systems can determine disease terminology frequencies. 3. Big data and information reduction Which data is useful, which is reductive? 4. Costing shift to interpretation of big data in biology Data use to be the expensive part. Now data is cheap, but the analysis...

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