How to launch a successful Business Blog

My Boss Said Yes To The Blog: What Do I Do Now? In this article, the president of Riverside Marketing strategies, Heidi Cohen, will explain you step by step how to launch a successful blog for your workplace.

For many brides, selecting their wedding dress is the key to their plans for the big day. It’s so big that there’s a television reality show called, “Say Yes To The Dress.” Your business blog is the wedding dress of your organization’s content marketing strategy.

I never got the wedding dress hoopla until I bought mine. Being practical, I figured a nice cocktail dress would be fine and save me a bundle of money. But wedding dresses like blogs aren’t about being practical. They’re about your heart and soul. Fortunately, my girlfriends came to my rescue when I was still without a dress 3 months before the big day.

The result: I purchased a true champagne colored wedding dress by Jenny Latham, one of Kate Middleton’s go-to British designers, at a sample sale. More importantly the dress transformed how I thought about my wedding.

My wedding dress

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