Content Strategy – more than just a buzzword!

Content strategy as a buzzword has been around for some years now and professionals inside marketing and communications globally have swiftly adapted to the fact that without a clever content strategy, you run the risk of spreading your core messages uncoordinated, unaligned with your brand and simply not as effectively. The main reason though why content strategy is not just a buzzword is the simple fact that it makes good sense - the idea of not being able to coordinate, plan and distribute your content according to strategic decisions and using the tools provided to us by our digital age, for me, is just outdated and absurd.

For professionals in the industry, it is redundant to discuss the importance of having a content strategy. But for the management teams outside the uninitiated spheres of the marketing and communications departments, it may seem as a pure waste of time and resources. Will a content plan increase sales? Will it drive innovation and business development?

It might do just that, provided you handle it the right way. But first and foremost, it will make you a relevant content contributor for your target audiences.

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