Top 5 PR things to do in 2017

It’s time to look into the glass bowl! How can we as PR professionals improve our game and make sure to leave our mark on 2017? As the world becomes smaller the number of voices to be heard grows bigger. Times are turbulent and the way we communicate and interact is constantly changing. We want news and we want them fast - on the other hand we want products, brands and people to be sustainable, trustworthy and with a high level of quality. It’s a paradox that leaves PR people with huge challenges.

This is my top five on things to focus on if you want to make 2017 a successful PR year.

1. Get a PR strategy!

It might seem very fundamental but nevertheless, a successful PR year starts with a strategy. Define your yearly targets and the PR tools to be used in order to reach targets. For sure you have a financial target but do not let it be your only target. Looking only at financial figures says nothing about the quality of your PR. Include for instance targets on local PR coverage or specific content (brand story,

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