10 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Should Blog

Why is the business blog not given the marketing attention it deserves? In an age of shiny new toys such as social media marketing and Facebook it is often overlooked as being slightly dowdy and just a touch unattractive. In this article you’ll find 10 reasons why blogging is a good idea for your business and some advices on how to get started with blogging.

1. Creates Exposure for your Business

A company blog that adds value to other businesses will be linked to by other blogs and websites and tweeted about and shared on Facebook and LinkedIn. This has the inevitable result of putting your brand in front of more people

2. Increases Traffic and Subscribers

Visits to the blog will inevitably increase traffic and a well-integrated blog that links to the company website and other corporate online properties will drive page views and hits as exposure increases. Increased traffic also increases email and RSS subscriber acquisition.

3. Improves Search Rankings

Google and other search engines are increasing the value and the priority of blogs and social media assets such as Facebook and Twitter in their search results. This change

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