Why Blogging probably is your most important Social Media activity

Everyone always jumps onto Facebook and Twitter as one of their first social media activities. I recommend you think about blogging first. No other endeavor can be better to promote you or your brand as a subject matter expert. This article will give you some tips on how to use blogging to promote you and your brand.

While I always say that building relationships are the most important aspect of social media, you absolutely want to be perceived as the subject matter expert in the area your brand pertains to as you build relationships with your potential and existing customers. Once you have a core portfolio of reference pieces (blog posts or articles) your use of Facebook, Twitter and other social distribution and engagement channels becomes that much more valuable.

This is the crux of the opportunity blogging presents, not just for your social media efforts, but also for your overall brand reputation. Your content not only allows you to tell your brand stories and reinforce your knowledge and expertise in the area you market, but it presents opportunities to engage in discussions with your target market. It also

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