7 Social Media platforms that could explode before 2016

Social media is a tumultuous playing field. While it’s been dominated fairly consistently by Facebook since the late 2000s, every year sees new emergent platforms that either fail in a blaze of glory, get gobbled up by one of the major players, or go on to see individual success on their own.

All of these cases provide learning opportunities for the average social media marketer—the failures show what users don’t want to see, the consumables demonstrate a hint of new features and new technologies on the horizon for major players, and the breakout successes represent new opportunities all on their own.

We’re already more than halfway through 2015, but I’d wager we’ll see at least some of the following platforms rise up in some way by the end of 2016:

1. Wanelo

Wanelo is a type of social shopping app, and if you’re curious about its name, it’s derived from the words “want, need, love.” Wanelo, once downloaded in app form, allows you to peruse millions of different products offered by major brands, online retailers, and even independent artists and producers like those on Etsy. You can also create wishlists,

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