Why a business blog is a great inbound marketing tool

Did you know that a business blog can be a very powerful tool for marketers? If not, then we have some news for you: maintaining a regular blog is a critical element of an effective inbound marketing strategy, one that can have a huge impact on your marketing efforts. At Blueleadz they know that blogs are an important part of this strategy. Douglas Phillips from Blueleadz will explain why blogging is a great SEO and sales tool.

Some Quick Statistics

You might be wondering just how much of an impact effective blogging could possibly have on your business’ marketing efforts. Here are a few important metrics about this potent inbound tool from our friends at HubSpot:

  1. Less than half (roughly 40%) of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes.
  2. Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than companies that don’t blog.
  3. Business to customer (B2C) companies that maintain a blog get 88% more leads per month than companies that don’t blog.
  4. Business to business (B2B) companies that blog get 67% more leads per month than companies that don’t blog.

Considering how many more leads companies that have

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