Create original content and avoid the consequences

A high-frequency output of relevant, original content can have a measurable impact. Using real life examples, this article discusses how producing one’s own content can affect SEO and what the consequences can be of stopping.

Content Marketing in brief

Searching the Internet you can find many blog posts explaining how traditional SEO techniques are not only outdated, but also counterproductive. Today, the most powerful marketing tool is content. This especially holds true with content that is original (i.e. written by you) and relevant to the recipient. It should be tailored to their interests rather than to search engines.

We all know the basics, but sometimes it can be difficult to see the direct association between writing a blog post on a Wednesday afternoon and increased business revenue thanks to increased search traffic. A lot of companies leap into content marketing without giving any thought on how to determine the KPI’s.

Therefore, it’s nice to refer to some examples from the real world once in a while.

Content Marketing in practise

The graph below illustrates a website that continually and frequently posted its own content. The purpose of posting this content was to

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