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#69 Content Marketing

Content Recycling: Sådan får du mere tid til content marketing

Det kræver tid og ressourcer at holde trit med markedets krav om aktuelt, originalt og genialt content, der rammer målgruppen præcist. Men eksisterende content er heldigvis en guldgrube for virksomheder, der giver sig i kast med content marketing. Man kan spare tid på content marketing ved at benytte sig af content recycling, og samtidig generere flere leads, øge sit salg og skabe loyale kunder.


8 advantages of marketing without a budget

Just like learning a language, marketing is a skill that should be developed. Whether your organization has a $100 million dollar marketing budget or is struggling to afford software, it makes a lot of sense to make sure your efforts are being used in the right way. Marketing with a limited budget can help your team think inside out and become more effective at marketing.


3 Danish CMOs present the skills marketing needs

The future of marketing will be driven by data. This was the rather surprising result of our interviews with the heads of marketing at Maersk Line, Carlsberg Danmark and Secunia. Having expected our interviewees to talk about marketing automation, analysis, business intelligence or social media, their strong focus on data astounded us. Find out which skills they believe that marketing professionals of the future need to have, and get three important take-aways that will help any marketing professional.


Why Innovative Content Marketing Is About to Explode in Denmark

I’ve just returned from an 8-day trip to Europe, the last few days of which I spent in Denmark, where I spoke at the country’s first-ever content marketing conference. I felt warmly welcomed there—in part because I spent time with some truly warm and wonderful people. (That’s always the key to a great trip, isn’t it?) But I also felt welcomed for business reasons: The business culture seems so ideally suited to embracing content as a cornerstone of marketing, and I came away from both the event and the country feeling like there was a kind of perfect content marketing storm brewing there.