A digital strategy is all about passion

Do you remember when the logo of a brand plus a tacky line equalled the brand identity? The missions and visions were well hidden away in wooden cooperate drawers and great strategic minds. Not because the company didn’t have a splendid CSR profile and the product portfolio wasn’t truly great, but there simply wasn’t any platform present to share the passion. That was before digital and social media shifted our world upside down and made a digital strategy inevitable.

Digital media of today is by definition social; completely unconcerned about your brands digital presence, or lack of same, your end-users will debate and discuss your brand and products on various digital platforms. Our approach to a successful digital strategy is to bring the consumer in the centre of our communications, and at the same time strengthen our brand position by demonstrating what the brand is passionate about.

Brand Passion Points

Every company and every brand is passionate about something and has a story to tell. If you think me wrong, ask the founder why the company was established in the first place, or even easier, try recalling your first day at work

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