Danish municipalities embrace responsive design faster than top-100 companies

A study of Denmark's 98 municipality websites and the 98 largest corporate websites* shows that municipalities are doing a better job than private companies in terms of offering responsive websites that fit the growing user needs for mobile browsing. A surprisingly large number of Denmark's biggest brands do not provide a mobile user experience that's up-to-date. In this article you’ll find some trends on responsive websites and an explanation on why municipalities embrace responsive design faster than the companies.

The study, which was carried out by Zupa in Q1 2015, examined how municipalities and top-100 private companies in Denmark approach the challenge of offering responsive websites to an increasingly mobile audience.

Overall, five trends were observed:

Trend # 1: More than 50 percent of Denmark's municipalities now offer responsive websites.

At first this may not seem all that impressive - unless you compare it to the 98 largest private companies. Of these, only 1 out of 3 have adopted responsive design solutions. This is quite surprising, as the responsive design wave has been around for some years now.

Trend # 2: Sadly, mobile solutions are still lagging seriously behind.


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