It always starts with a digital idea

Whether it is flat screen TVs, computers or smartphones Samsung is known for its superior technology. And the new digital possibilities also play an important role in their marketing, where Samsung was the first in Denmark to integrate the new NFC technology in an outdoor campaign. MARKET spoke with Benedicte Howitz Bardram, Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Denmark, to learn about their digital strategy.

Last fall Samsung launched the first NFC-driven campaign in Denmark. They had teamed up with the popular Danish duo Nik & Jay in order to offer the consumers something unique while promoting the Samsung Galaxy S4 brand at the same time. NFC is a new network technology that works wirelessly at short distances. It is already integrated in some Samsung smartphones and it is expected to be huge in 2014. In this campaign Samsung integrated NFC in traditional outdoor posters and billboards allowing passers-by to hold up their smartphone to the poster and instantly listen to songs by Nik & Jay.

With Facebook as the central digital hub, Samsung also allowed people to shorten the release time of a live-streamed studio session with Nik & Jay, exclusively on

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