Digitize or Die

MARKET has asked CEO Otto Christiansen from Danish Advertiser Association about Danish Digital Award and why his organization is one of the founders of this new award. In this article you can read his answers: Marketing has been undergoing major changes during recent years, perhaps greater than ever before. It is no longer a question whether to jump on the digital wave, but rather how much, where and how. It is a confused time with many paths into an unknown future. And as blissful Confucius said: "If you do not know where you're going, it does not matter which path you take."

Danish Digital Award

Danish Advertiser Association would like to participate in showing some digital ways, and therefore we have initiated Danish Digital Award, where the best people and companies show why and how they are better, and remove some of the white spots on the map. With the motto: "Do not tell it - show it" the purpose is to reward and highlight the most inspiring, effective and well-executed digital works that strengthen or support a company’s or organization's business activities.

Why another award?

Do we really need another award?

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