8 advantages of marketing without a budget

Just like learning a language, marketing is a skill that should be developed. Whether your organization has a $100 million dollar marketing budget or is struggling to afford software, it makes a lot of sense to make sure your efforts are being used in the right way. Marketing with a limited budget can help your team think inside out and become more effective at marketing.

1) When your budget is limited it forces you to think creatively. You can’t rely on advertising or expensive campaigns to drive sales. Every dollar you spend has to matter and because of that more thought and effort will go into the projects your team decides to pursue.

If you give your marketing team a limited budget they will start to get creative. You’ll be surprised how original people can be when they are faced with limitations. I’ve noticed that when money isn’t really a concern people start to spend it to take shortcuts. It’s okay to do things more efficiently, but if the engine driving your marketing is money, good luck with the scalability. Set Limits!

2) When the campaigns don’t cost that much you’re allowed

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