Don’t be always-on - Always be on point

Vi ser det konstant i hverdagen: Kassedamer erstattes af self checkout-kasser, støvsugeren finder selv nullermændene i stuen, og fabriksarbejderens håndarbejde er blevet erstattet af en hurtig og smart maskine. Kort før årtusindskiftet var kunstig intelligens et banebrydende fænomen.

In recent years, agencies, consultants and other self-proclaimed experts have been advising companies to be “always-on”, i.e. maintain a constant pressure of communication towards potential buyers. A few campaign bursts throughout the year could no longer stand alone to meet the need of the modern consumer. In response, companies and brands sought to continuously stay top-of-mind by investing tremendous resources in producing a constant flood of banner ads, e-mail promotions and posts on various social media, making the brand sound like a skipping record. Consequently, strong brand stories became and continue to become diluted and even worse; audiences are now irritated or immune at best. We are reliving the era of the annoying telemarketer - but in a digital world.

For example, tapping into current events and industry fads is increasingly mistaken for relevant and timely communication. A disturbing phenomenon causing companies to change direction constantly - but agility must never become boneless.

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