Curate your way to cool new content

Never before has the world seen as much content as today. Most people feel it’s too much content and are suffering from information overload. So, as a marketeer you need to help people sort through the vast sea of information. One of the new ways is called content curation. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

I’ve just woken up. I roll up the curtain. And immediately I update my Instagram account with a picture of the double rainbow outside my window.

I’m not yet in the shower when I on Twitter comment on the latest development happening on the American tech scene while I’ve been sleeping.

During the day I comment, share and view content on the web, on my mobile - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Linkedin.

In the evening, I shoot the latest and hottest tango steps at practise and upload them to a Facebook group.

Content record
With my smartphone I produce a lot of content. And I’m not the only one. With more than 1,5 billion smartphones and even more digital cameras, tablets and computers worldwide we are able to create content that the

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