Emotional agents in stores

It is well known that emotional agents are essential for encouraging customers to spend more in stores. It is also clear that this is accomplished by stimulating the senses: background music, a familiar scent, or a particular composition of shapes and colours are all examples. We also know that it is important that the store has a clear concept that is communicated to customers in a coherent and precise manner. From here, the recipe starts to become unclear because the potential list of ingredients is ever growing– it is a jumble of different options. It is therefore necessary to remain focused on the final goal: “to sell even more”.

Selling even more

The key question is, “What motivates customers to buy more?”. The short answer is that the amount customers spend depends largely on their mood. Happy customers buy more. An example of this would be a clothing store that decides to have a ballerina dance around the store. This would likely attract curious visitors who will end up buying more because they are amused and happy to see the ballerina. However, this ploy will only increase sales in the long term if the customers

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