Every company has to find its own recipe

If you want to engage people in your brand, well, first of all you have to identify your audience and be of relevance to them. We had a talk with CEO Marianne Stroehmann of the German Deutsche Telekom specialized digital media marketer InteractiveMedia about how you target, activate and engage your audience in the digital age. And how the future marketing organisation should be structured to embrace the opportunities and challenges.

Vast challenges and fantastic opportunities

In a nutshell, InteractiveMedia sells digital ads for publishers. They represent more than 80 brands exclusively in Germany including media that they operate themselves, for instance T-online.

“There is no limitation to the people we can target,“ explains Marianne Stroehmann, “And we offer various kinds of access to the audience - for instance contextual targeting and real-time advertising, all in a very data-driven way. It all depends on how you want to engage and reach your audience.”

In today’s marketing world, the CMO has vast challenges and fantastic opportunities. The complexity of the media landscape and media usage is very high. And if you as a marketeer want to engage your audience in your brand,

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