Is your mobile marketing too precise? How over-targeting can under-deliver

Every advertiser should add mobile to their marketing mix – period. Mobile increases the overall performance of campaigns across all channels. In a recent study, we found that consumers who see ads in multiple channels convert 24 percent more often than those who see them in one channel.

The cross-channel impact of mobile speaks to how critical it is to approach mobile as an integrated part of a broader marketing campaign, not just as an isolated channel. But many marketers dive into mobile with too much focus on mobile-specific tactics, such as the ability to target users in very specific locations through hyper-local targeting. Often this hyper-local approach can do campaigns a disservice, deteriorating the intended results.

Goals – not technology – should drive your strategy

When planning mobile campaigns, many marketers get excited about the possibilities for targeting based on the inherently “on the go” nature of the devices. Yes, it is possible to target consumers right when they are near your store or are in a vicinity that indicates a particular state of mind. But just because you can target using proximity to create relevance doesn’t mean

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