Harvard professor: "Create an ecosystem of content for success in Digital Marketing"

Today’s digital world has forever changed the game for marketers across the globe. Not everyone seems to have learned the new rules yet. We spoke with Harvard Business School Assistant Professor and researcher, Thales S. Teixeria (Ph.D. in marketing), about the pitfalls and potential of Digital Marketing.

From eye tracking to Digital Marketing

Thales S. Teixeria originates from Brazil. He came to the United States in 2004 to pursue a Ph.D. in Marketing at the University of Michigan, where he studied for 5 years. Since 2009, he has been an Assistant Professor and researcher at the Marketing Department of Harvard Business School.

“My research focused on monitoring peoples’ eye movements as they were exposed to visual advertising content on
computer screens by using infrared technology called eye tracking. I wanted to understand what content in video and online advertisements captured consumers’ attention and what made people skip ads and leave webpages.”

Thales’ major finding was that the bigger the brand image, the longer the logo was present, and the more prominent the product was presented in the ad, the more likely people were

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