Mobile’s Impact on In-Store Shoppers: Challenging the Top 3 Myths

Myth or reality? When in-store shoppers take out their smartphones, it means you’ve lost their interest. If you answered “reality,” Google has news for you. In an article recently published in Google’s Think online newsletter, the search giant discloses the truths, based on its research, behind the top three myths surrounding mobile’s impact on brick-and-mortar retail.

Here are Google’s top digital/in-store shopping myths and realities—plus Phunware’s take on what it means for you, the retailer.


Search results only send consumers to e-commerce sites.

Reality: Search results can actually drive consumers into stores.

Three out of four shoppers who receive information about local stores through search results are more likely to visit those stores, says Google.

What this means for you: The more information you make available to consumers that will enable their buying process, the more traffic you can drive into your stores.

  • With a website: Ensure your inventory system is connected to your website. Give shoppers the option to find and purchase what they want from your physical store.
  • With a mobile app: Make inventory information available as with a website. Also, use wayfinding technology to

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