Re-thinking design thinking

The world is changing at a pace we’ve not witnessed since the industrial revolution, but with the added uncertainty of Brexit and global political turmoil, the future has never been less predictable, particularly for businesses that are so exposed to outside influence. But with challenge emanates great opportunity, and with advancements in design, technology and even ‘contentious’ artificial intelligence, the workplace of the future is primed for disruption from within.

So what do organisations need to do to future-proof themselves against these outside socio-political, economic and sometimes geographical challenges? How can workplaces remain diverse in the face of a world battling for equality and sense of place? Where will workers fare as artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning become more and more sophisticated? And finally - the burning question, can organisations stay ahead of competitors without innovation?

The Design Rule of 3

The fact is, design thinking only has value when combined with design doing and supported by a strong design culture. You can’t be good at only one or two. The Design Rule of 3 constitutes the three fundamental rules that underpin every successful design system employed by leading

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