How to succeed at Social Selling

Even though social selling might sound like a simple philosophy, it can be a bumpy road to success. Some sales reps expect that marketing can ensure that social selling succeeds, which is a huge mistake. It is important to understand that the prerequisite for social selling is that you build your personal brand and enrich your network, connections and groups.

Enrichment vs. noise

Working with social selling includes working with tags, creating enrichment, exhibiting interest and answering questions, both personally and in groups. You can “only” do this from your personal profile. Marketing can support you with content, which can be used for enrichment, but you need to drive the process yourself.

Keep in mind that social selling on LinkedIn is to a large extent reliant on the fact that we can write directly to our connections and create value. This in turn assumes that people are 1st degree connections. If you as a connection don’t have the aptitude for creating enrichment, your content can quickly be regarded as noise. The consequence of being perceived as “noise” and non-enriching is that you can quickly be removed as a connection.

Sincere interest


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