Taking Blockchain mainstream takes more than coding skills

Blockchain is a genuinely new technology, but the transition period from now to Blockchain nirvana requires that a bridge between old and new technology be built. Building this bridge requires more than just great technical skills, because old and new systems of thought must be brought together to bring businesses, consumers and citizens value propositions they both understand and cherish. Building such value propositions requires an understanding of business and people that few exceptional coders possess. It is unlikely that these few can do all that needs to be done.

'Blockchain hype and reality

If the Blockchain hype has not hit you yet, rest assured - it will. To demonstrate that just look at the graph below, which shows Google searches for BlockchainBitcoinEthereum and Distributed Ledger Technology.

In our view, the number of Google searches will keep rising for one simple reason: Few people seem to understand the technology and since consultants, coders and other people, who like to consider themselves ahead of the curve, are yelling “BLOCKCHAIN” at the moment, many people will try to find out, what they are yelling about.

As a

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