Instinct - why you should trust it?

Every one of us possesses a comprehensive set of instincts - yet in our world today, we seem to place less and less value on them. Before moving on, let me tell you how I define ‘an instinct’. I consider a person’s instincts to be the ability to come up with the answer to a problem by applying his or her innate, not quite conscious thought process to all the knowledge he or she has accumulated over time.

Sure, we might not be able to clearly articulate our thoughts about every topic, in every situation, at every moment. We may not be able to justify every conclusion we draw, but it goes without saying that we possess opinions about right and wrong, about the best strategic direction to take, and about actions we should avoid. In my opinion, an instinct is the personal quality that has led you to your current job. Think of it like this: Most employers treasure your experience and your knowledge more than your ability to read spreadsheets.

Why all this fuss about instinct?

Because our instincts are in danger. Have you ever had a powerful gut-feeling about

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