Use the whole enchilada of digital tools

- You can create and distribute all kinds of media: text, photos, illustrations, video, and voice, for free. Your target audience can find it, share it with each other and discuss it. You can track all of the activity. That’s content marketing, says Andreas Ramos when MarketMagazine talked to him in Silicon Valley.

The rental car is headed down to Silicon Valley, going south from the City on highway 101. A suitable number for a road, it seems, that runs through the digital epicentre of the world. A place that is defined by these two numbers, ones and zeros.
There is a lot of traffic on 101 as we pass many of the high tech companies in Silicon Valley. To the right is Googleplex and further down is the military airport base, Mossfield, where the top CEOs at Google have parked their corporate jets.
This is where I turn east onto highway 237 and pass right by the new football stadium for the San Francisco 49’ers - a team that bears its name after the year - 1849 - when the first gold rush started here. Since then, there have

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