The re-emergence of campaigns

How 'always-on” can dissolve brand value - and how campaigns can build it. Marketing is increasingly becoming a fight against last year’s model. Many seem to believe that the whole discipline needs to be redefined and reinvented annually - often at the expense of common business sense. So perhaps it’s time to revisit one of marketing’s oldest tenets - the campaign? Over the last decade the media landscape has fragmented and customers have gained access to endless information over a comparatively short time. Digital channels are in many ways empowering customers and increasing transparency.

It’s hard to argue with facts, but what can be challenged is the way we choose to react. Some pundits state that you are not the one in control of your own brand any more - consumers are! They claim you cannot plan ahead, that having a vision for your brand is futile and that you constantly need to change direction to tap into current events, themes and conversations. They also suggest you need a large quantity of small content bites delivered across a high number of fragmented channels. You must be always-on before anything else.

The real-world implications of the

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