Welcome to Denmark's largest wardrobe

Every day, another 15,000 new ads pop up at trendsales.dk featuring both new and second-hand shoes, bags, dresses and whatever else your heart may desire. The popular site has almost 700,000 users who all sell, buy, swap and chat away. But how do you get so many dedicated users to visit your site? MARKET spoke with Trendsale’s co-founder and CEO Martin Falslev Andersen to learn what they do so well.

”Hi Maria, you are now logged in. Welcome back to Trendsales. Great to see you again so soon :)”
This is the message that greets you, when you log into trendsales.dk – Denmark’s largest online fashion bazaar, where you can buy, sell and swap brand name clothes and designer items. A picture of Kasper also pops up on the site. He works in support and just wants to say hello and ask you if there’s something he can help you with. You feel welcome immediately, and that’s no coincidence. This personal approach is very important to Martin Falslev Andersen and Bo Eriksen, who founded Trendsales back in 2002.
“The internet – and business in particular – can easily get very cold. Take

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