EasyJet: Use Digital Advertising to create great offline moments

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of EasyJet? Less than a decade ago the answer to that question would without any doubt have been: Cheap flights! Today, many things are different. EasyJet has worked hard on finding a unique position in the growing aviation market for so-called discount airlines - not least to make everything around air-travel just as easy as the company’s name promises. We have talked to EasyJet’s Marketing Manager Borja Lozano.

Define a unique segment

“We are quite honest in the way we approach things. This transparency makes it much easier for us to improve things and make the improvements very apparent to our customers. Back in the days, we had quite some challenges with delays and our flight guests found it a hassle to check-in, board, etc. So as part of our repositioning strategy we had to work on these issues. Now, we are one of the most precise airlines in Europe, we fly to primarily airports only, and the check-in procedure is close to 100% online and mobile.”

EasyJet’s journey started 18 years ago (1995) when the British entrepreneur Stelios

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