Are you aware you’re only reaching 20% of your market?

By only reacting to customer demand instead of stimulating and creating it, marketers enter a price-driven, zero-sum arena that inevitably becomes a race to the bottom. The time has come to take a break from the insatiable hunt for empty digital conversions and look at the bigger picture to plan a race back to the top of your sales charts.

Digital channels are fundamentally changing the way consumers buy. It is an incredibly exciting time to be a marketer, but also one where a dangerous cocktail of unproven tactics and a lack of perspective are added to the marketing tool box.

Twenty years ago, a campaign typically comprised TV, print and POS material. Fifteen years ago, we started adding digital media to the plan. And recently, within just a few years, there has been a move from “digital as an add-on” to “digital only”. Consequently, marketers who used to have a cross-channel perspective have become one-eyed. The challenge with this is that digital tactics are thereby seen as a direct substitute of analogue channels such as print ads, offline, events and TVC, when in reality they often complement each

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