Blogging is also for online stockbrokers

Nordnet started their blog, Nordnetbloggen to get people to share information, experience and tips about investment. In this article the Country Manager at Nordnet Bank AB, Max Gandrup, will explain why a blog for an online stockbroker can affect and be a part of the business.

About Nordnet

Nordnet was one of the first to make it possible for private investors in Scandinavia to trade stocks and mutual funds online, back in 1996. They saw – and still see - the Internet as a democratizing tool for private investors. They dramatically lowered the prizes for trading and they turned the traditional trading business upside down. Nordnet want to give private investors the tools that empower them to take control of their own investments.

About Nordnetbloggen

Nordnetbloggen is full of inspiration for private investors. Here our customers can find for an example market analysis from our savings economist and tips on how they get started if they haven’t invested before. Customers also have the opportunity to share their own experiences on investment, which can be helpful to others, who is considering investing.

Nordnetbloggen's purpose

Many customers have realized that everyone, in the end, is

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