How to build insightful customer relationships

A relationship between two people takes time, effort and continuous relevancy. Building a real customer relationship with your brand is exactly the same. Read on and learn how to do so through Digital Shopper Marketing.
Shopper Marketing rises to the top of the marketing vocabulary globally and is now widely accepted as a profitable marketing practice growing 21% annually (Deloitte & Grocery Manufactures Association, 2013). Especially with retail brands, whether online or brick-and-mortar.
P&G is spending more than $500M annually on Shopper Marketing and is widely considered the pioneer in the industry with its first project in 1997 on how American moms actually shopped diapers and formulas. Now, P&G have surpassed Unilever as the top spot among brands (Adweek, 2013).
In Denmark the, awareness of the term Shopper Marketing is still very low and my experience is that marketers are yet to embrace the principles of Shopper Marketing as a part of their marketing paradigm. Here I see the increase in data and easy accessibility of monitoring tools as an answer to getting Shopper Marketing back on the company agenda gaining the attention it deserves to solve present brand challenges.

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