Is Content Marketing the death of traditional Danish media?

Journalism is in trouble. Except for when it comes to Content Marketing. In traditional media journalists must create more and more content in less and less time. To really go in depth is rare, but journalists working with Content Marketing often get the resources to do so. The traditional media companies are under pressure during their transition from print to online and mobile. So, will all journalists work in Content Marketing in the near future?

The enemy you can beat

Danske Medier (DM) is a lobby organisation for Danish media companies (but not the Public Service media house Danmarks Radio). For the past years they have said, that DR is stealing online users from JP, Se og Hør, TV3, etc., by producing content online. And since DR steals users, online ad sales are not creating enough revenue. This means fewer journalists, and less actual journalism. That is a simplified version of the argument. The argument is easy to understand, and the current right wing government (Venstre) is open for it.

They, of course, ignore the fact that this research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of

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