Insight: Microsoft’s new approach to Tech Marketing

In this dialogue brought by MARKET, Trine Tirsgaard, Microsofts’s Director of Consumer Marketing in Western Europe, and Shai Idelson from agency SID LEE discuss their shared experiences with tech marketing, related challenges, and how they plan a departure from existing paradigms.

Trine: As much as I’d hate to admit it, the state of tech marketing is captured nicely in a video made by College Humor late last year. While we see many powerful and emotional executions out there, everything starts to look, sound, and feel a bit too similar.

“Every Tech Commercial”

This parody from College Humor nicely sums up the state of tech marketing today.

S: I look at it as an agency person, and I see an entire category that’s a bit struggling to make something disruptive and yet meaningful—and the irony is, the bigger the tech brand, the more challenging it gets to do something disruptive and meaningful.

T: Yes, but at the same time, to get to the creative executions, everyone in the category is also challenged with creating an operational infrastructure that powers everything

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