Content Marketing is gaining speed

Danish companies are increasingly getting the taste for content marketing. According to recent research from the content agency Brand Movers nearly one third of the Danish marketing budgets are spend on content marketing, and the number is increasing over the next 12 months.

Traditionally the Danish marketing industry is following behind its UK and US colleagues within most disciplines. Content marketing is no exception though the Danish industry is picking up serious speed. According to a recent study that we at Brand Movers has conducted in cooperation with Huset Markedsføring 81 percent of the Danish companies have dived into the art of producing and sharing relevant, valuable and engaging content.

The number seems impressive, but according to comparable studies from US-based Content Marketing Institute 94 percent of UK companies are using various content marketing tactics while it goes for 91 percent of American B2B companies and 86 percent of the B2C companies.
Almost 200 Danish marketing professionals participated in the survey in July and August 2013 and they revealed that the difference between B2B and B2C also exists in Denmark but it is next to nothing with 82 and 80 percent respectively.


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