How to create content like a newsroom in a global marketplace

In an age when advertisers are looking to stand out in the crowd and grab the attention of consumers in an overly saturated digital marketplace, it can be easy to fall victim to the latest tech trend or media buy. But without a strong narrative, native advertising and branded content often falls flat. To combat this challenge, we’re working with more brands to encourage them to ask the question: “What’s the story?”

When we launched T Brand Studio International in London and Paris in 2015, we were a small team of creatives looking to partner more closely with global advertisers in Europe. Brands were less familiar with native advertising and were only just beginning to work with publishers on a global scale. Our creative production capabilities and wide readership were new and attractive, yet it was often confusing for agencies to fit the product within their existing media buys. Though we witnessed a less sophisticated understanding of the product in Europe, there was still a huge appetite for high-quality branded content that could perform across a variety of platforms –

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