Your Five-Point Mobile Marketing Checklist

So many mobile marketing options are available... But where does one start? Is SMS still relevant? Should you focus on mobile search? What about mobile banner ads and video? To help marketers navigate the ever-changing mobile landscape, here's a checklist of five key smartphone channels to focus on for the rest of 2014.


If your brand isn't on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn by now, you are missing a huge opportunity. But there is no cookie-cutter use case for social media; every business is different, and the "rules" of marketing via social media are constantly changing.

This year, marketers need to keep in mind that organic reach across all social networks has decreased as the platforms push their advertising products. What does that mean for you? Over a year ago, if you had 5,000 Facebook fans and you posted a photo on your timeline, over half of your audience would see it. Now, you would be lucky if 10% of them do. Brands now have to turn to paid alternatives to increase user engagement.

For mobile specifically, Facebook offers an "App Install" ad unit, making it easy to promote

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