A fresh view on money - a new is paradigm emerging

We rarely think about what money is and where it comes from. Most of the considerations we have about money is of a more practical nature and there is little said in the media and educational institutions about the inner essence of this important subject even though it is all pervasive.

Go through the day and notice how many moments of every day that is intimately connected with either the acquiring or spending of money. Most days you go to work to earn the money that you will inevitably need to spend. Each day that passes means you have used up one more day of your mortgage or rent payment. Try taking a bus, riding a train, or driving your car without spending any money. Not to mention having a physical body which has a habit of wanting to be fed and clothed every day.

In this light, it seems worthwhile contemplating what money is and what the future will bring to the business of money.

In its essence, money is a means for transfer of energy (that comes in many forms such as time, material and goods). It

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