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Mobile Matters for Your Business – Put it first

Mobile has now become our preferred medium, surpassing desktop and other devices. New statistics show that 2 out of 3 digital medium minutes are now spent on mobile. With mobile, customers can stay connected to brands anytime and anywhere, and this has great potential for businesses. Now more than ever, it is imperative to utilize mobile within the consumer purchase journey. Here are a few of Mobtimizers thoughts about how to go about this process.

Meeting the mobile consumer

The fact that mobile can be used for both mass-targeted but also highly personalized messages directly aimed at the consumer has revolutionized the way we can do business today. It has created opportunities for new industries and for new developments within customer brand engagement and loyalty.

Everything is centered around the needs of the consumer and his or her journey. Location based-targeting, beacons and push-messages are the hottest way to reach consumers. Then by delivering the right message to the right person at the right place and time, mobile devices make it possible for brands to make every micro-momentalong the purchase journey matter.

An estimated 70% of all media consumption will be mobile by 2019. Now is the time for businesses to analyze and develop their digital roadmaps to better prepare for the mobile era. As a part of this process it is important to look into how much of your marketing budget is assigned to this new reality, as it is important to grow – or at least begin – your mobile investments now. Another important step to take is analyzing the organization behind the product or service to make sure it is agile enough to handle mobile.

Mobile potential

At Mobtimizers we work with a number of Danish and international cooperations and advise digital marketers and business developers on a daily basis, working hands-on to optimize the performance of new and existing mobile sites and apps.

Today, businesses around the world spend millions on the development of apps and mobile sites but often do not allocate enough budget for important factors such as marketing, optimization, and engagement of their mobile channels. And they struggle to monetize on their investments. The average business typically spends around 5% of the total marketing budget on mobile. This seems overly misaligned as now 70% of time is spent on a mobile device.

However, this is rapidly changing.

Build Mobile first competence

A first step could be to find mobile savvy partners and mobile first technologies. A serious and dedicated paradigm shift towards mobile first doesn’t mean a total reorganization of the business or needing to start from scratch to get going. Analysis, insights, and minor adjustments to the product can make a big difference for any mobile application.

In October 2016, The Mobile Marketing Association published their newest SMoX Study, investigating the role mobile plays in marketing. For this specific case, they looked at the marketing mix for Unilever’s Magnum ice cream within a specific campaign.

Reallocate marketing budget for greater effect

The study shares several interesting findings. Among the most important conclusions is that an increased budget allocation for mobile would improve results for Magnum – within that total campaign budget. The study showed that mobile as a whole drove sales and that the optimal allocation for mobile is 15% of the total campaign marketing budget. The reallocation of budget in the campaign would raise profit by 9%.

Furthermore, combining different formats and targeting methods, the company could improve results for mobile even more. With mobile, video has now become a social tool – and has grown more efficient in being a key driver of results. Ultimately, the study concluded that optimizing mobile would further improve impact and that combining the mobile investment with optimization would result in a 13% increase in impact. In conclusion, the study estimated ROI on mobile advertising by medium, and found a ROI of 199%.

Mobile first has enormous potential. Get started today. Here are a few of the tips we share with businesses who want to work proactively with a mobile first approach:

  1. Allocate8-15% of the marketing budget to mobile
  2. Find mobile savvy partners and mobile first technologies
  3. Be personal, contextual and timely to meet consumer expectations
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