Next step for digital retailers is to open physical stores

- I am sure that Amazon will open physical stores in the near future. This prediction comes from Robin Lewis who is the CEO of the retail strategy newsletter “The Robin Report”. - The omni-channel strategy - selling both online and in stores - will win, he says in this interview with MARKET Magazine.

CEO Robin Lewis is a busy man. He has over forty years of strategic operating and consulting experience in the retail and related consumer products industries. Last week he was on the American news channel CBS to explain why the The Great American Shopping Mall is “a dying breed”.
MarketMagazine caught up with CEO Robin Lewis on a Skype-connection from his US east coast office - to get his view on the future of retail - among other things.

What is the future of retail?

- That it a very big question. And not a happy one. But lets begin with that all research shows that consumers who have the opportunity to shop both online and in the store, like the department store Macy’s, spend 3-4 times as much as consumers that only have

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