Nudge designs implemented: How to push people to joyfulness

Too many businesses aren’t focusing on what’s good for them. In this article the interior designer, Bettina Therese, will explain how she’s trying to change that by using nudging to “push” people to a more efficient and joyful everyday working life. - How to get the surroundings to act as a partner and not as an opponent by implementing nudge designs.

First of all it’s important for me to state that I’m not a behavioral scientist – I’m a designer and I implement nudge designs in physical surroundings mainly. To be able to do so I have since 2012 done master classes and courses in nudging at iNudgeyouwith Pelle Guldborg Hansen. I’m a member of the Danish Nudging Network.

I’m totally obsessed by the fact that you are able to make your everyday practice so much easier. Martin Thorborg, being good at simplifying things, put’s it this way: “Nudging is to design the world around you so that it “works” in the best possible way – in the way you want people to use it. It’s stupid doing stupid things.

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