In search of a rental car...

The most trusted source of information about your company comes, not from you, but from your highly satisfied customer, says Rob Fuggetta, CEO at Zuberance and author of the new book “Brand Advocates” in this interview with Market Community

The first 10 times I call Rob Fuggetta, there is no answer. He doesn’t pick up. Every time I try, his cell phone transfers the call to his answering machine, which keeps repeating that the voicemail of Rob Fuggetta is full. I, once again, check that I’m calling at the time, we agreed on. Yes, 11 am.
Finally, on the 11th try, he is picking up. It turns out that he has just landed in Orange County in Los Angeles.
- Well, I’m here with a college of mine and we’re now trying to locate Hertz to pick up a rental car. We have to be in San Diego later this afternoon for the American Marketing Associations conference. I’m giving a talk there.
- So is this a bad time, should I call you back later?
- No, no. Now is fine. We just can’t seem to find Hertz Car

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