Storytelling – it’s personal!

I was thirteen and convinced that I would transform into a preppy East coast college girl if I just got that classic white Marco Polo blouse. Buying that blouse might not have changed my life but it was the first time I was truly seduced by a fashion campaign. I remember every little detail from faces and clothing to the visual scenery and I can still feel the anxiety and the excitement to become part of something much bigger than me, the exclusive Marco Polo club. This is what great marketing campaigns do. They tell you stories and whirl you into a universe of dreams, hope and aspiration.

Today’s lifestyle consumer is critical and passionate about how to behave as consumers. What to buy from whom and why? When I was a teenager in the 80’s the number of brands to choose from was limited. Today, there are no limitations – consumers meet brands everywhere 24-7 at any touch point imaginable – from traditional shops and department stores to e-stores. As the world has become smaller, the assortment of brands has become bigger.

The DNA of your brand

With the competition harder than ever how

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