If you want impact online, think about sound again

Brands and companies are constantly publishing content to an increasing number of channels. Many of those are digital, placing new demands on corporate communication toolboxes. Strong sound identities are expected to become significant competitive parameters in the communication of the future.

Danish companies are communicating through owned channels like never before. The pursuit of content that adds value is spreading fast, and terms like ‘content marketing’, ‘real-time marketing’ and ‘branded content’ takes up space in articles and at seminars. Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of producing content that gets viewed, read, shared, and ultimately converts customers and sales. The challenge is to maintain a high level of quality in a time where rapid response and execution is crucial. Nikolai Kronborg, Danish CEO of Chimney Group, believes that sound design is an important component in creating consistent communication:


"People are naturally attracted to beauty. We are drawn to great music as well as beautiful architecture, art and gastronomy. It’s a strong identity marker for who you are and what you stand for. A sound identity allows companies to establish recognition across channels - but also to

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