3 Danish CMOs present the skills marketing needs

The future of marketing will be driven by data. This was the rather surprising result of our interviews with the heads of marketing at Maersk Line, Carlsberg Danmark and Secunia. Having expected our interviewees to talk about marketing automation, analysis, business intelligence or social media, their strong focus on data astounded us. Find out which skills they believe that marketing professionals of the future need to have, and get three important take-aways that will help any marketing professional

Over the past few years, most marketing organisations have changed dramatically. The modern marketing department now does personalisation, marketing automation, social media and content marketing as part of their daily work. One consequence of this is that the marketing organisation has considerably improved its technological skills and moved closer to the IT department. What’s more, marketing has also taken over more of the processes traditionally run by sales.

Consumers are demanding more

Consumers are becoming increasingly more demanding and expecting even more from the companies and brands they are engaged with. And technology is helping them. It has decreased their tolerance for poor products and services and made it easier for them to

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