6 Mobile Marketing Must-Have's

As mobile technology and communication continues to mature, marketers sometimes struggle to keep pace with today's savvy, agile consumer. Many companies (including Facebook) continue to invest heavily in mobile optimization, but others still seem hesitant to seriously consider deep-linking, responsive design, or geolocation. If the ever-increasing email open rates on mobile are any indication, there's never been a more critical time to optimize mobile marketing efforts.

There was a time when things such as responsive design were novel features for brands; more of a perk or a plus than anything. “We're now past the point where responsive sites and emails are things we should have. Consumers expect a responsive design. It's something you must have,” explains Christopher Lester, director of the concierge team at email marketing services provider Emma Inc.

Here, Lester and several other marketing experts explain some of the do's and don'ts of mobile marketing, as well as a few missed opportunities in the space.


Apps stand as the most integrated and seamless user experiences in mobile, simply by virtue of being created for the sole purpose of mobile use. It follows then that emails or links on mobile sites

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